Skin Care for Brides

Planning Your Beauty Needs For Your Wedding Day!
Guest Blog Post - Ira + Lucy

E+E Photography

Hi! I'm excited to be guest posting for Frances on a great topic! We are headed into Fall and busy in planning mode for Summer 2016 Weddings. Many of our couples don't think of their "beauty" care routine until just a few months before their wedding, which is often a big mistake. We encourage you to begin a skin care regimen for your unique skin needs. Frances is a phenomenal choice for someone to help guide you in your specific beauty needs. She is all about the personalized care and has over 20 years of experience!

Fresh Faces By Frances Super Firming Creme

With weddings can come a lot of stress and stress can cause a lot of skin problems. As a Wedding Planner it's important to me to eliminate as much stress and unforeseen problems. Brides and even the guys want to feel their best on their wedding day and not just that day, but in the special weeks leading up and the many photos happening during that time. I encourage you to check out Fresh Faces by France's monthly specials and to schedule a consultation with Frances. I personally use Frances for my skin care and she works wonders. One of my personal fav products since I have extremely dry skin (thank you dry Idaho) is the Super Firming Creme.