WHo is a FF Brand Ambassador?

A Fresh Faces Ambassador is a strong leader within her community who is enthusiastic to share about all things beauty!  We look for people with a fresh look, lively spirit and radiant light to others. Fresh Faces Brand Ambassadors have the ability to communicate and express their beauty as a social influencer.  We want our Brand Ambassadors to let their true beauty shine through this brand and incorporate it into their daily lives while sharing it with friends and followers!

What are the requirements to be a Brand Ambassador?

- Become an active participant on Facebook and Instagram.
- Comment and interact on all posts.
- Post 2 times a month on Instagram stories or on your feed wearing, using or sharing your favorite products while tagging us and using the #IHaveAFreshFace hashtag. (example posts will be given to you)
- Share your affiliate link with friends and family!
- Have fun and be creative with your influence!  We want to see YOUR ideas and ways we can help you reach people!

What you get when you become a Brand Ambassador?

In return for your hard work and investment in our brand we want to give back to you!

    - Exclusive 50% OFF on all personal purchases
    - Reward Cash in return for every affiliate link purchase
    - Co-Promotion of your social media posts and platforms
    - Professional skincare support
    - Professional photos and content to use on your social media channels

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