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ID Board Certified Esthetician and Electrologist

Laken Fulton Photography

Laken Fulton Photography

With close to twenty years in the industry, as the first skin care business for men and women in Nampa, Idaho, Frances is considered one of the pioneers in the industry! With her new location in Caldwell at her private home boutique, Fresh Faces continues to provide excellent skin care, products and service to her clientele. 


Fresh Faces provides skin care for both men and women, young adults to the "perfectly aged"! We invite you to contact us to inquire about our services for your unique needs.

"I absolutely love what I do for my loyal customers...many of whom I consider my best friends. I can honestly say it is because of my wonderful clients and how they trust me to help them. My customers are the 'Creme of the Crop' when it comes to people.

As  an esthetician , I like to share my knowledge of the skin ( the largest organ of our bodies) and skin care product knowledge to help my clients achieve and maintain excellent skin health.  There are many products out there .  

  • Great skin care products do not need to be expensive. I select products in my inventory that will deliver the best results at the most reasonable expense to my clients. The products I carry in my boutique and the skin servces I do will address a full gammet of skin needs and conditions. From acne to aging we have it all.

  • The home care products ( used on a daily basis ) are critical to achieving the progress we all want. Using the recommended products as directed , at home daily, and receiving treatments as recommended on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule, is the best way to make progress in overcoming skin issues both acute an chronic. I have to stay in close contact and get feedback to regulate the most difficult cases of problem skin conditions.

  • I KNOW FIRST HAND that the products and treatments that I provide work. I have used them myself for many years now and my skin feels great. Usually, people guess my age to be quite a few years less than what it actually is!

Laken Fulton Photography

Laken Fulton Photography

Thank you SO very much for mailing the makeup immediately - although I’ve tried other products I know both the foundation AND blush are the best! Wishing you a prosperous year ahead and many many good wishes
— Love, Sue

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