Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I shave my legs before the wrap ? 

A. NO, the Niacin cream will sting like crazy on freshly shaved legs. DO NOT shave for at least 12 hours prior to the wrap. 

Q. How long before or after my wrap can I use a tanning bed? 

A. Do not tan for at for 24 hours before or after the wrap procedure. 

Q. Can I do a wrap when I am pregnant. 

A. No, it is NOT recommended when pregnant, at least not without written consent from your Dr. 

Q. How old must I be to get a wrap? 

A. At least 18 years old or with written consent from a parent or guardian. 

Q. Can I do a wrap if I have been diagnosed with cancer. 

A. NO , it is NOT recommended as this wrap will stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. 

Q. What should I wear during my wrap? 

A. A 2 -piece swim suit or swimming trunks is or an "old" bra and under clothing are the best. 

Q. Can I be nude ? 

A. NO , the law requires under clothing or bathing suit attire.


Q. Can I be waxed if I am on Dr. prescribed Accutane other acne medications. 

A. NO. it is NOT advisable to wax when using Retin A , Accutane or other Dr. prescribed acne or wrinkle medications as your skin will " lift" and you will risk tearing and scarring. PLEASE advise your esthetician if you are currently or have recently used these prescriptions or products. 

Q. How long or how short should my hair be for waxing ? 

A. The hair should be at least 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long. Or, depending how fast your hair grows, abut 10 day to 2 weeks of growth. 

Q. How soon will I need to be waxed again? 

A. Every one has different rates of hair growth but, approximately 4 to 6 weeks if you wax regularly. 

Q. Will I still get ingrown hairs? 

A. If you are prone to ingrown hair and or have curly hair , YES , you are likely to get ingrown hairs. Using an after waxing lotion such as Folisan, a solution for post waxing treatment, will help a great deal. 

Q. What kind of wax do you use? 

A. I use a warm Azulene Cream Rosin wax. It is typically gentle and calming for all sensitive skin and sensitive areas on the body. It is great for eyebrows, face, underarms, and bikini lines. 

Q. Is there anything I should do before my waxing appointment ? 

A. Yes, come to your appointment already showered or bathed. You should not shower immediately ( or go into a hot tub) after your waxing treatment. 

Q. Can I can be numbed before my waxing ? 

Plumb Numb Gelee

A. Unfortunately, we do not have a for sure method to numb you. Using Plumb Numb Gelee 30 minutes before your appointment can de-sensitize the area bit. 

Q. What is a Brazilian Wax ? 

A. A Brazilian wax is the removal of all of the pubic hair, front and back using wax. Some people opt to leave a small strip . You can discuss this with your esthetician. 

Q. Can I go into the sun immediately after my waxing? 

A. NO , you should try to AVOID the sun and DO NOT tan for 48 hours after waxing. Use an ADVANCED PROTECTION SPF 30 SUNBLOCK immediately after waxing on exposed skin areas.


Q. Who would benefit from a Lash/ Brow Tint? 

A. Benefits:

  • A busy woman on-the-go , with little or no time to apply makeup. 
  • If you spend a lot of time in sports, are the outdoors type, or are chasing your kids around. 
  • Before a vacation or a camping trip and you just don't want to be bothered with a lot of maintenance. 

Q. How long does the tint last ? 

A. It should last about 3 to 6 weeks to keep lashes and brows the shade you want. This varies a lot on clients depending on the natural color of the hair . 

Q. What tinting colors can I choose from? 

A You want your brows and lashes to be emphasized , but you want them to look natural. You can choose from a auburn, medium-brown, brown, graphite, or deep black shades.

If you have additional questions that have not been answered please don't hesitate to contact me via phone or email. I am happy to answer your questions.